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Goodbye noisey petrol & diesel generators, welcome to a new generation of power! We’re excited to be stocking this portable multi-functional power bank. This battery is equipped with a 500W high-efficiency lithium-ion battery and is great for camping, tradesmen, emergency situations, portable working such as photography, drone operators, recharging field equipment on the fly and doomsday preppers. These models come with top-of-the-line features such as solar charging support, fast charging and four lamp LED’s built-in on the unit.

Highest quality batteries, they’re bringing high-efficient batteries to the portable power bank market. These new ranges of high capacity and output power stations are available in 3 different sizes to meet all your repair and social needs, perfect for mobile businesses and camping in one easily portable case.

The batteries are all thoroughly tested to ensure safe use and compliance and all of these models come with CE / FCC / ROHS / PSE / UN38.3 certificates.

To give you an example of the output of this battery, here are some stats for charging and using household items: Can charge an iPhone 13, 73 times. Can support a DJI Phantom 3 drone for 40 flights. Can keep a 10W LED bulb lit for 55 hours


• High Capacity (135,200mAh)

• Supports 500W sustained use and 660W peak

• 4 built-in illuminating LED’s with flash settings

• Universal 2-pin and 3-pin plug sockets

• LED display showing input and output power in Watts

• Supports solar charging


• USB X2 Fast

• Car Charging Port

• Fast charging to rear

• USB C input and output ports

Testing and certification

• CE




• UN38.3

Warranty: 12 Month warranty

Condition: New

Rated Specification: 135,200mAh / 14.8V / 500W

Alpha - XR551, Portable AC/DC Power Station | 135,200mAh | 500Wh | 550W


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